Thursday, April 13, 2006

My problem with religion...

This morning I was saddened to learn that Doc, a well-seasoned homeschooler and an intelligent, invaluable resource for such, has given up her blog after ceaseless internet harassment by so-called Christians. Doc was blogging against the Pearls and all supporters of abusive child "training." Too many blog-spammers cared more about the fact that she happens to be gay than they do about preventing child abuse, freedom of expression, or even common decency.

Let me just say I was raised in a Christian family. My mom spent so much of her time working so we rarely had time for church. We were Chreasters - Christmas + Easter churchgoers. I was raised to believe that going to church does not make you a Christian, nor is it mandatory in order to claim to be a Christian. I was read to from the Bible. We prayed. The problem I had as I became an adult, however, was realizing that not all Christians behaved as myself and my family did. We didn't judge. We believed that the values associated with a religion were more important than religion itself. My grandmother always said, "I don't care what church you go to as long as you go to church," or "I don't care what religion you have, as long as you have it." It was important to her that her descendents lived with a good system of values. She was also very fond of the phrase, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

But as I grew, I came across more and more so-called Christians, and fewer and fewer of who I believed to be "real" Christians. The so-called Christians use token bible verses to justify and empower themselves, while judging and condemning others. It's the all-too-common "I'm better than you" attitude. It's like they're 4 years old. They completely ignore those bible verses that contradict this behavior. As a matter of fact, every Christian I know, good or bad, picks and chooses certain parts of the bible to cling to, based on how well those parts fit into they way they were already doing things. In the last couple of years, even my "safe" Christian family has become infested with some insensitive, judgmental, self-righteous asshole Christians. Also in the last couple of years, I've decided religion is not right for me or my family. Coincidence?

I challenge any judgmental Christian to stop and think. Are you judging me because, according to your beliefs, I'm going to hell? Why do you care? You don't believe you are, and my behavior doesn't change that, right?

Are you concerned for me because you believe I'm going to hell? Are you acting out of love for the fellow man? Then, is shouting, insulting and harassment any way to show your love?

Harassment and degradation are not things any good Christian participates in.

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