Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter, you godless heathens...

My parents invited themselves to my house for Easter. I'll admit it wasn't really deliberate. It was more of a miscommunitcation. We had talked months ago about visiting a state park for Easter, which we did a few years ago and had a great time. There had just been no more talk of it since, and when my mom called to tell me she thought the park would be too wet and muddy, she finished with, "So I guess we'll just come over. Do you want me to bring the meat?" I stammered a bit before saying, "Um.. well, I guess so." This was all last night, with less than a day to plan for dinner at my home.

Thankfully, the grocery store was open today and I managed to get a dozen eggs, a vegetable, some fruit and cheese. I threw together a pretty nice spread in two and a half hours, complete with frosted birthday cake and cranberry muffins. My kitchen is a complete disaster, but I'm too busy basking in my own accomplishment to care at this point.

I realized in the midst of mixing and baking that Easter is a holiday we celebrate simply out of tradition. I understand the importance of the holiday, but it seems that most Christians only observe that point in church on Easter morning. Over dinner, we talked about the Easter Bunny, the ingredients of the muffins, and the kids' schooling. What is the point? Sure, we get together with family and all, but can't we do that any old day? Easter is supposed to observe the rising of Christ and the saving of everyone's sins, not just an excuse to get together and gorge yourself once more. I may have to rethink Easter dinner for next year.

In the meantime, Happy Easter to those like me who celebrate it for no good reason at all.

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