Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cultural style differences...

In a country where people are supposed to be the same, regardless of color or culture, it's interesting to me how much difference there is between us.

Every so often, a friend of mine passes along a gigantic amount of clothes for my son. She has two boys about 12 and 14, and (thankfully) I'm the only person she knows of with a 10-ish year old boy that the hand-me-downs would serve a good purpose with. I love her gifts, since there is usually a ton of stuff, and it's usually at a time when my son has grown out of or destroyed almost everything he owns. The only unfortunate thing is, this friend is black, and her sons wear stuff I couldn't possibly imagine my son wearing. Not just because I don't like it, but because it goes against my son's style. My son is a simple boy, not drawn to adornments or decoration. Lots of these clothes, especially the jeans, are covered in great patches of color, lots of pockets, and large brand labels.

My friend obviously doesn't think the style gap is an issue, or she wouldn't be giving me this stuff in the first place. I thoroughly appreciate her gifts, and I usually manage to convince my son to keep several things despite his protests about "his" fashion. I'm just confused about the differences. The world is full of so many different styles of clothing, so everyone can find their own way to express their personality through what they wear. So why are so many styles exclusive to certain cultures?

The funniest part about all this is that this particular friend and I share basically the same clothing style. Of course, rag on the head with t-shirt and jeans is hard to top. You can't beat classic style.

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