Friday, April 07, 2006

A History of Violence...

An interesting thought.

During the latest uproar about To Train Up a Child on almost all the homeschool boards and websites I visit, people understandably discuss whether hitting a child at all is ok. I really think there is a difference between physical discipline and abuse, and whether or not you spank, "thump," or otherwise physically punish your child does not determine what kind of parent you are, or how your children will turn out. I try to avoid these discussions because either the majority of parents think you're a monster if you ever lay a hand on your child, or they're just the most outspoken. Whatever it is, my opinions aren't welcomed with much warmth, and in the heat of a public flogging, nobody gives a shit if you actually DO spank your kids. Or how often. Or for what. I have never claimed to spank my kids, but everyone assumes you're a child abuser simply because you defend "the spankers." Whatever, I digress.

Last night we watched A History of Violence, where a simple small-town man is revealed as an ex mobster. When his son beats the crap out of a kid at school, the man tells his son, "We don't solve our problems by hitting people." Just as I'm thinking that's a not-so-bad message in such a movie, the kid said something offensive, and the dad slapped him. What?!?

I really did enjoy the movie though. It was the kind of movie that ends with you mumbling, "wow.. that was messed up," which is my favorite kind. I honestly think violence is a natural human response. For the record, it's also something unacceptable in my home.

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