Thursday, July 13, 2006

The gift of a great day...

My older friend has his 15 year old granddaughter Cheyenne staying with him this summer. She lives in Indiana most of the year, and I think she's starting to get seriously bored here with not much to do and none of her friends around. My friend brought Cheyenne to our house this morning, with 5 tickets to Adventureland Park, our little version of Disneyworld. It was such a blessing, since we couldn't afford a family trip to that place when Vic was working, and moreso since he's not.

Chad had a good time most of the day, but about two hours after lunch started complaining that his stomach hurt. It was a super-hot day today and the humidity was really bad, so I was sure he was just overheated and started pushing him to drink more water. He stayed off the rides for a while and drank water, but while riding on a ski lift-type transport across the park, he vomited over the edge. Luckily he didn't hit anyone below, but the people down there were freaking out and running in all directions. It was actually pretty funny. Chad felt much better after that and resumed riding roller coasters without any trouble.

Cadence was a complete daredevil the whole day and had a blast! She rode every roller coaster with her hands in the air, some of them 5 or more times in a row. She is still too short for some of the more intense rides and was pretty disappointed every time she had to sit out. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to fully experience her reactions to her first experience in a theme park, since she spent the whole day holding on to Cheyenne and following her around like a shadow. Cadence just adores her, and I don't suppose that's too bad since Cheyenne is not a bad kid at all. Just kinda sad I missed the good stuff, you know?

Riley was way too small to go on anything exciting, but she was terrified on the few rides she could go on that were at all fast. She complained a lot about not being able to go on stuff with Chad and Cadence, but there were lots of rides there designed for little kids that she could go on. She insists that she didn't have a good time, but she's in a negativity phase right now, and I'm sure she loved it. She cried when we left.

We left the park an hour early when a downpour shut down all the rides. We could have hung around the park, but the rain didn't let up till after the time we were going to leave anyway. The rain hit when we were on the far end of the park, so by the time we got through the park and all the way to the car, we were all thoroughly drenched. That extra hour gave us time to have pizza at home before my friend came after Cheyenne, so I think it turned out to be a pretty good day.

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