Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Obsession Train: Sewing...

So I got a new sewing machine. I got the bedroom cleaned out and a desk moved in to use for my sewing projects. I bought two patterns, one for a girl's dress and one for boy's pajamas. I was terrified the first night I used the thing, considering I hadn't sewn since junior high school, and even then I did it badly. I forgot to mention in all my begging for a sewing machine that I didn't really know how. I spent that first evening doing nothing but reading the pattern and the user's manual for the sewing machine. I looked up information on the internet and printed it out. I spent the next entire day sewing together a dress for my youngest daughter which, aside from the zipper, turned out amazingly well! Who knew I could sew? Then I completely lost my mind.

I just got home from fabric shopping. I bought seven different fabric prints, 6 zippers, a package of buttons, ten spools of thread in eight different colors, new scissors, a measuring tape, and half a dozen or so additional sewing-related items. I bought all this stuff at Walmart, so it might surprise you that I spent a little over $100 on that stuff. Wait - I thought sewing clothes was supposed to be cheaper than buying clothes??

I am really dissapointed in the small amount of patterns designed for boys. It makes complete sense, since most boys fashion centers around jeans and t-shirts. Jeans are a little tricky for this novice, and t-shirts are cheaper and much less hassle just to buy. Luckily for me, my son could care less if I made it or bought it, as long as he got something new.

I'm off to finish my second dress!

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