Friday, March 24, 2006

Portfolio panic attack...

I'm supposed to call my certified teacher to make an appointment for portfolio review. The review isn't until May, but I have to call her early in April to set everything up. I'm in a complete panic.

I haven't put anything in my son's portfolio at all.

I have got to be the laziest homeschooler on the planet. I technically have examples of his work for the portfolio, but I haven't stuck anything in the little binder all year. So now I have to go through everything, try to decide what would best represent his "progress," and organize everything in some sort of chronological order. Since we unschool every subject except reading and math, I don't really have a lot of examples either.

I'm terrified the teacher will think I'm some kind of idiot because all I bring her is a few math worksheets and a list of books my son has read. I'm afraid she'll say, "I'm sorry, but I can't give a statement of adequate progress to the district based on this information." I'm afraid I'll be getting a call from the district saying my son will have to take the state standardized test, and if he fails it, he'll have to return to public school.

In reality, the teacher I hired already told me she was flexible to all homeschooling styles. One could assume this also meant unschooling, and there will be no problems. I've been reassured that the reading list alone is impressive - he's already read almost 100 books this year. I just can't get past the irrational feeling that I'm somehow inadequate.

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