Friday, February 24, 2006


Here's something confusing to me. How on earth can someone blabber on to me about how damaging homeschooling is for my children, discredit or argue every stance I take, and then in the next breath complain that their children are calling each other "pimp" or cry every morning about the bullies at school? How can they flatly state that I am in no way qualified to teach, and then complain to me the next day about the worthless and cruel teacher of their child's class? Do they hear nothing I say?

I pulled my son out of public school in the middle of second grade. His teacher was mean, and spent most of the day yelling at her students, especially those targeted troublemakers such as my son. I complained to the principal, but since I was the only one complaining, she was positive I was just some crazy woman defending my obviously guilty child. The bad part of this story is, I've discovered worse things about this teacher since my son was out of school than when he was in her class.

Fast forward two years. My cousin has a son in the second grade of the same school. My cousin is a preschool teacher, and prime defender of public school. Her son has a different teacher than mine did, and apparently a much nicer one. She's told me of the other kids in Evil Teacher's class; how they complain of her yelling. My cousin has even told me about her son's teacher closing the door to her classroom so they wouldn't have to hear Evil Teacher yelling down the hall. All my cousin says are things like, "My son is so lucky to have this good teacher," and "If your son had had her in second grade, I doubt he would have had the problems he did in school."

What about the kids that do have her? Why doesn't the good teacher complain that her colleague is verbally and emotionally abusing her students so loudly half the school can hear it? Why have no other parents complained? Why, when parents and teachers know that such teachers exist, and being fully aware of the arguments about bad teachers, is nothing done about them?

And how can they all continue to argue that public school is better for my child? They don't care about the children suffering through an entire school year of yelling and degradation, why do they care so much about mine?


dian decante said...

our teachers in indonesia, meaner. they slap students if they rude. maybe thats why the students there respect their teacher and parent?? hehe...

i have a step son with ADHD. alwayws make trouble in his previous school. didnot have a lot friends beacuse he is always a troubl maker, but now he's much better. since he moved to other better school

Heather said...

Actually, a lot of kids first labelled as ADHD turn out to just be bored with their current bad school situation. I've known a few parents who had to go through hell keeping their kids from being diagnosed with ADHD, because their "symptoms" only showed up at school.

I'm glad your stepson is finally somewhere he can be happier and more productive. Stress from being singled out is really hard on kids.