Thursday, February 16, 2006

This blog sucks (but I like it)...

I was thinking about those cool blogs. You know, the blogs with a zillion readers and product companies begging the writers to review stuff on their blog.

Well, this isn't one of those. I'm not good enough for that kind of blog. Not because I'm not smart enough, snarky enough, or witty enough. I'm not good enough because I'm too bitchy. I complain a lot. I'm looking over my blog today and noticing most of my posts are bitching about this thing or whining about that thing. That's fine. That's me.

I bitch a lot because I don't often have anyone to bitch to. I tried bitching to my husband, but somehow that always turns into him bitching about his own problems, so I don't feel any better. I can't bitch to my kids because, not only are those problems none of their business, they really could care less. I could bitch to my friends, but.. well, I don't have any of those. Any worth bitching to anyway. So I come here to bitch. I do have a lot of good things to talk about, but I can share those with any number of people. And honestly, the good things I do are pretty much only exciting to me.

All that being said, I apologize for anyone who may have been subjected to my endless bitching, and promise to try to post more enlightening and entertaining stuff. I am making an effort to make this blog a bit more positive instead of just using it as an outlet for my frustrations. I can't promise I won't bitch again, but I can try to make this blog a bit more worth everyone's time.

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