Friday, January 20, 2006

Taking Advantage...

This morning I once again heard what is becoming my most hated phrase: "...since you're home all day anyway." I can always be counted on to run off on a shopping excursion (as if I have money), be a last-minute babysitter, or make phone calls for my husband. When I make plans with my friends, I'm always the one making the reservations, calling about prices, emailing or calling everyone involved with the details. I may as well. I'm home all day anyway, right?

I know its my own fault I get taken advantage of this way. I just don't understand what the hell happened to me. I didn't used to be this much of a pushover. As a matter of fact, there was a time when nobody asked me for anything, because it was likely I would just flat-out refuse. You know what else? I had more friends then. I think somewhere between my first pregnancy and my last, I became selfless. Imagine that.

When you talk about someone being selfish, you often mean they're snobbish, stuck-up, and rude. Selfishness isn't supposed to be an honorable personality trait. So why was I so much more popular as a bitch?

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