Sunday, January 15, 2006

Poverty Sucks...

That's it. We're officially poor people. A few months ago I would have been apalled at the idea of collecting government aid. As much as I'm disgusted with the way government aid works, it does serve a good purpose for people who actually need it. Like me.

Today I got a letter from the local Department of Human Services, saying our kids qualify for medical coverage and we qualify for $170 in food stamps monthly. While $170 doesn't cover all we spend on groceries for a family of five, every little bit helps. Unfortunately, we make too much money to qualify for medical, and more importantly dental, for my husband and I. Nevermind the fact that we can't afford to pay the dental bills even if we had dental coverage of our own. My husband and I are losing our teeth. I have a front tooth that is almost completely gone, and I've been molding a cap for it out of temporary filling compound from Walmart. I have about 10 other cavities, some only small spots, some covering at least half the tooth. In other words, its BAD. The last time I was at the dentist, we had dental coverage, and after my exam the doctor had an estimate made up for all the dental work I would require. My portion, after the insurance picked up their share, was more than $3000.

The DHS offered me a two month coverage, with a spend-down amount based on your income. For us it was almost $1800. Good luck finding a dentist who is willing to take payments at all, let alone payments on $1800, and can squeeze all my massive dental work in a window of two months. HA!

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