Monday, January 02, 2006

I LOVE presents!!...

On Christmas morning, we actually managed to be up before the kids. We took advantage of this small miracle by having some coffee in the quiet house. The rule in our house is everyone has to be up and have breakfast before the presents are opened. It's kind of mean of us to do that to the kids, and they act as if they're being tortured to wait that extra 20 minutes to choke down a bowl of oatmeal, but its the rule anyway.

While cleaning up the bowls, I made the anouncement that it was now time to open presents. My two-year-old daughter said, "Presents?!? I love presents!!" She didn't even realize that's what we would be doing that day. This became the joke of the day. Every time one of the kids opened something, they would say, "Socks?!? I love socks!!"

My husband bought me a breadmaker, which I'd been asking for for several months. I would have liked a sewing machine, but money is still pretty tight and the hubby thought I would get more use out of the breadmaker anyway. He's probably right; I do have a tendency to get really excited about something and then have no interest in it two weeks later.

New Year's was really not exciting at all. We don't have the luxury of a babysitter most of the time, so we spent the evening at home watching movies. I think it was a kind of a nice change.

Right now, I think I'll go make a banana bread. Yum!

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