Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm learnin' 'em real good...

Yesterday was the homeschool day from hell.

Cadence apparently forgot how to add. She didn't "get it," I guess. This was worth about an hour of very frustrated conversations. When that was finally done, I gave her some writing to do, sent her on her way, and moved on to Chad.

I gave Chad a map, and told him to label all the Scandinavian countries. (I should mention that he has done this sort of map project at least 10 times. I might also mention that a full half of my lineage is Swedish. That's half my family. That's a grandpa and a full set of great-grandparents to my kids. It's aunts and uncles. It's great aunts and uncles still living in Sweden.) "How am I supposed to know where the countries are?" he asked me. "There are no words on this map." Ahem. "Of course not," I told him, "You're supposed to put the words there." "How am I supposed to know where they are?" "Umm.. maybe try the atlas?"

He couldn't find the atlas. He said he didn't know what an atlas was, even though he's used it every few days since the beginning of the year.
He didn't know how to figure out what part of the world to look up in the atlas.
He couldn't find Greenland.
During writing, he asked what a paragraph was. "Is that the same thing as a sentence?"
I reminded him to indent, and he indented every line except the first one.

And I corrected his spelling of the word "they", like I've been doing for four years, bringing the total to about 5,473,000,058. Right about that time, Riley broke up the party by saying, "Mama come and see this. It was an accident." While trying to dislodge the toothpicks from the Cook button on the microwave, I announced school was over for the day.

Thankfully, today went much better.


kitten said...

I hear ya 100%! Gees! It must be in the air! LOL! Yesterday, JB couldn't do simple multiplication or division. I finally shut the book and told him that daddy could help him, 30 mins later he snuck back to his book and finished it with no problem. I know he was just trying to get me in a tissy for he could get out it, but I fooled him this time. LOL! Yet, on the other hand, KB goes through those days and she really just can't get it. They told me it had to do either with dyslexia or ADHD. This real bad behavior has been going on 3 weeks! We did English games yesterday instead of writing.
Good Luck! Take a deep breath and have a chocolate, that's what I do. hehehe!

GailV said...

The toothpicks are the part that get me. Really. That's a new one.

But, alas, I think the rest of it sounds pretty familiar to all of us. Sigh.

Heather said...

Yes, Gail, unfortunately that gap between the face of the microwave and the button are just big enough to jam toothpicks into. I keep my toothpicks in the drawer right under the microwave, so while it's never happened before, I'm not surprised that it did. How it was an "accident" that several toothpicks got stuck in there though, I'd really like to know ;)

Holly said...

So, I laughed while reading the post and DS had to hear it. He didn't see the humor, having lost all abiity to "add," (his adding involving counting pictures on the paper) this morning himself.

I'm off to hide the toothpicks :-).

Christine said...

I've heard way too many of the "It was an accident" statements lately too. They never appear to be things that could happen by "accident" :)

Anonymous said...

I can so relate. I did a post last August called It Was and Accident listing such 'accidents as the one with the boy with the hole punch, the hole and the leg, not his own'. The ones I listed were all injury inducing 'accidents'.

As for the school days, I can totally relate to that as well. I have a 13 year old who still can't remember multiplication facts so it is pretty tough to do the square root of 64. I find it so frustrating. I have a 10 year old who is constantly sneaking off to hide so she doesn't have to do school, then I have to ban her from electronics. You would think she would learn to face the music at least. Oh, one day we will look back and smile and when our kids are going through it, we will say, "Yes dear, I know exactly what you are talking about", and wonder how the heck we survived.

MOM #1 said...

I think the fact that you held it together means you earned the day off.

I'm glad you had a better next day.

I have to admit, I feel for you, but I laughed while reading. Sorry.

Actually, I'm still laughing. That was hilarious!

Robinella said...

Were you at my house yesterday? I swear, if Pete forgets how to add and subtract one more time, I will have to put him back in school. I must be doing something wrong, I thought.

Thanks for showing it wasn't just me.

Robinella said...

Oh and I forgot to tell you that I think your little picture is beautiful.

I didn't have a good picture of you in my mind and now I do. :-)

floridamom said...

I tried really hard not to laugh, but couldn't help it. Of course I laughed because I know exactly what you mean.