Friday, January 11, 2008

Unintended pregnancies...

In local news:
Former first lady Christie Vilsack has launched a new statewide program aimed at
reducing unintended pregnancies in Iowa. The goal is to educate Iowans
about contraception and make it easier to get family planning services.
Vilsack is the new executive director of the Iowa Initiative to Reduce
Unintended Pregnancies. According to the organization, the level of
unintended pregnancy by age is 72 percent for 18-19 year olds, 48 percent for
20-25 year olds, 25 percent for 26-30 year olds, and 20 percent for 30-35 year
olds. Vilsack says when half of all pregnancies in Iowa are unintended,
then "we are not doing enough for women."

This from the wife of a governor that believed unless we allowed Child and Family Services to forcibly remove children from the home without proof abuse, we weren't doing enough for the children. But hat's a rant for another day.

Those numbers look shocking, unless you consider that "unintended" is not the same thing as "unwanted." I have given birth to four children. Two of them were unintended pregnancies. While the first of these unintended children was conceived when I was 18 and stupid (but thank goodness, right?), the second was after I was married with two kids running around, and well aware of all my contraceptive options. Heck, I was well aware of my contraceptive options at 18 too, I just didn't care. How many married couples had that "Surprise!" baby?? How many couples are using alternative methods and having numerous "unintended" pregnancies? How much do you suppose that percentage goes up in the 40-45 group? Holy cow. Unintended. That's not even the same as "unexpected." I mean, I didn't intend to get pregnant with Riley, but when there's sex and no contraception, I'd have to be an idiot not to expect that.

Babies don't have to be planned to be a valid, wanted blessing to their families. I don't care about women between the ages of 18 and 35 having an unintended pregnancy. Those women are adults with a firm grasp of where babies come from; most of whom have jobs and the means and maturity to care for a child. They don't need to be educated about contraception. They know where to buy condoms and how to get birth control pills, and they no longer have to worry about Mom and Dad finding out about it. They've got it covered, I think. I care about 12 year old girls with unintended pregnancies. Educate them, Christie Vilsack, you incompetent twit!

I'd like to know how much money it's going to take to educate adults in a subject they are already pretty clear on, and just where that money is coming from. I'm betting it could be better spent in about 57,396,478 different ways.


Deanna said...

REALLY! 75% of my kids were "unintended" 100% of my kids are wanted and loved

Ami said...

Send this post to all the newspapers. Great letter to the editor stuff.

And don't take 'twit' out, okay? It's perfect.

Anonymous said...

It is a good letter to the editor, and I have to agree with you. For us,50% of our children were unintended. A hundred percent were expected and 100% are loved and cared for. In fact the unintended ones are not treated different than the intended ones. It is ridiculous to think that adults in your country and ours are not aware of the options to prevent unintended pregnancies. Twit indeed.

Heather said...

I DID write a letter to the editor. I did, unfortunately, leave out "twit." There was this little asterisk below the submit button that said something about content, and I thought it might reduce the chances of publication in this very conservative area.

I'll post an update if I hear anything.

Heather K. said...

Ooh, I hope they print it. I'm on my 4th unintended pregnancy. Yes, I know where babies come from. I am married and old enough to decide for myself what to do with my body. She really is missing where the focus should be.