Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My kids are dirty...

I refuse to take my kids out in public looking like what my grandmother called "crumb bums". (I go into a fit of giggles every time I say that. The kids do too.) One afternoon I left the house in a huge hurry to get to the grocery store before they closed and called the kids from the yard with, "Hurry and get in the car, let's go!" I was so distracted with time that I only glanced in the back to see that everyone was buckled before pulling out of the driveway. I was so focused on the heavy traffic that I never once even did a rear-view check of the kids. After pulling into the parking lot, I turned around to see three filthy children, covered in dirt from head to toe. Mortified at the idea of taking my kids into the store this way, I turned around and drove home. We made a dinner of scrounged-from-the-cupboard stuff and went to the grocery store the next day.

I'm not a clean freak by any means. I don't care if the kids get dirty, as long as they aren't ruining some previously un-ruined clothing. I don't make a big deal out of stains, and the kids have plenty of stuff suitable for dirty activities like camping, fishing, or digging a moat in the yard. I've actually had conversations with the kids that went something like: (Me) What on Earth are you guys doing out here? (Them) We're digging a well. (Me) Oh. Well if you don't find water, fill it in when you're done. I seriously do not care if they're dirty. But the idea of letting the world know that I'm raising a bunch of crumb bums (See how funny that is?) has never sat well with me. What will people think of my parenting if they see my kids looking like filthy little urchins? What kind of gross neglect is that?

I haven't posted too many pictures of the kids themselves here because most of the time they're dirty. I've decided though, that to thoroughly share our lives and experiences, I'm going to have to suck it up. My kids are dirty. Almost all the time. They're not neglected at all, in fact quite the contrary. They aren't models and this isn't a sitcom. They're children, doing what I think all children should be allowed to do. They're free to play as they like, under sufficient adult supervision. And they like to play in the dirt. So without further ado, this is what my children actually look like, about 90% of the time:

And this is what happens when Mom joins in the fun:


Holly said...

My son almost always looks like that too. I take it as a sign of happiness.

kitten_mc said...

That looks like mine! LOL!

RegularMom said...

Yep, that looks about right. Last year I had a conversation with my older daughter that went like this:

Me: What are you doing out there?

Kid:I'm trying to make a pond, but the water keeps sinking into the ground.

Me: Well, here, dig it deeper and then take some of this plastic wrap and some rocks and line the hole with it, and see if that helps.

And it was a great little pond too. :o)

Heather said...

Because of heavy clay content in our yard, it takes a while in some areas of the yard for water to sink in. Sometimes if it rains a lot all at once, it's like having a lake in the back yard. The kids have spent many hours digging trenches through the yard and making "streams." They love it.

Kate in NJ said...

Your children would fit right in with my "Princess" who is often so dirty
that my family says things like,"I can't believe yo posted that picture of her with a dirty face(clothes,etc)" and I have to say
"I never noticed..she was playing,digging,gardening,etc"