Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Mother's Day Booty...

This morning I woke to gifts from my children. No breakfast in bed, but they're not allowed to use the stove anyway and I did make that rule about no food in the bedroom, so I guess that was my fault.

First a homemade card from Cadence:

Cadence frequently mixes up "th" with "sh". The inventive spelling is cute, eh? Inside the card was Cadence's very first attempt at poetry (translated below, for those of you who don't fluently speak and read Kid):

"If it is a nice day,

I will tell you what to do.

Go outside and play.

If you have a pool,

Play in it instead.

But you will need a swimming suit."

She signed it with her first and last names, which she often does in her letters and notes.

Next was a box from both of the girls, with this note on top:

Inside the box were oodles of gifts from the garage sale shopping the kids did with Grandma Saturday morning:

Three beautiful necklaces; one with the letter "A", a blue sparkly lightening bolt, and a black flower with a rhinestone center. And two baggies of hair ties. Can't ever have enough hair ties, can we? I loved them! Next was Chad's gift:

A gorgeous mantle clock with only the teeniest chip in the corner of the glass.

I think I liked the notes and poem best, but I was so thrilled that my kids picked and paid for gifts for me all by themselves. On this Mother's Day, I'm the happy Mom of three great kids. Here's hoping your Mother's Day was just as nice.

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kitten_mc said...

I'm glad your mother's day went well. The cards were sweet.