Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trick or Treat!

We approached Beggar's Night this year the same as we always do, by putting off making or buying any costumes or accessories until the last minute, to ensure the highest stress level possible. Cadence remained undecided about what thing/person she intended to dress up as until 2 days before. Chad skipped this year, he's "too grown" for it I guess, but kept saying things like, "Well maybe I'll go, just for a while," and, "Well I could just do some simple costume." Riley has wanted to be a cheetah since August.

So 2 days before the big begging day, we shopped for materials and accessories. Cat ears on the list, but all they had were black and striped - no spots. Hell, I'll just make some, I thought. After an hour at Walmart, Cadence settled on "Reaper" and I figured what we couldn't make, we could do with makeup. I bought some cheetah-print material and two small makeup kits. By then, Chad was insisting I told him he wasn't allowed to go begging, and refused to do so. (Whatever?)

Of course I couldn't get to any actual sewing that night, or the next day. So there I was, on The Day Of, Googling some easy sewing instructions for a hooded robe and wondering if I could use a pajama pattern (or SOMEthing) for Riley's cheetah. That's when I found this page - it's a Jedi robe, but a robe is a robe right? The "pattern" amounted to body-tracing, no real measuring or anything. This worked so well for Cadence's robe, I repeated the process with the cheetah fabric, tracing around the legs instead of leaving it open. Stick on a tail and sew a couple triangle ears to a headband, and voila! Halloween costumes were done in less than an hour.(Cardboard scythe and candy buckets not shown)

Now, before you go thinking the whole thing came off without a hitch, this photo was taken AFTER a night of trick or treating, because, as usual, we left about a half hour late. And froze our butts off in the first 20 minutes (it was 36 degrees!!), and drove instead to a "safe, indoor trick or treat" at a local mall. And wandered the entire mall for an hour, just for 5 tootsie rolls and 3 stickers, so that whole thing was a huge disappointment. The kids only got about 1/4 of their little buckets filled during the whole night.

After we got home, Vic told me to get the kids cleaned up and into pajamas and said he'd be right back. Too tired and frozen to care where he was going, I set about taking pictures and washing off makeup. 20 minutes later, Vic came in with a grocery bag full of candy. "Wow, you kids should have taken the car trick or treating!" he told them. "I was only out a few minutes and look at how much I got!" So I still got my chocolate fix the kids still got some candy, and all is right with the world again.


Mommylion said...

"Wow, you kids should have taken the car trick or treating!" he told them. "I was only out a few minutes and look at how much I got!"

What a sweet story :) And love the costumes. I am so impressed you did them in less than an hour?! That blows my mind.

zamozo said...

What a sweet guy, that Vic. Awesome costumes!

Katherine said...

AWwwwwwwwww! I love a good Dad. :)

Anonymous said...

The costumes look great and I love the sweet (literally!) ending. You have a very nice blog.

val said...

What a great halloween, two saves in one day, amazing, LOL. Love, V

MOM #1 said...

That's definitely what Dad's are for . . .you know to save the second part of Halloween . . . after Mom has already saved the first part. ;-)

Great costumes!

Ami said...

Great costumes!

When Matt was little, he went out with my nephew. Matt was the reaper, too.

And Josh called him the 'Grin Reamer'.

True story.

Heather said...

Ami, my son thinks "Green Raper" is really funny. (Inspired by watching too much Robot Chicken, I think) It's SO NOT FUNNY, but every time he says it, they all giggle hysterically.

Wendy Hawksley said...

Good to see you again!

How disappointing that trick-or-treating did not work out too well. But what a sweet dad!!!