Wednesday, July 04, 2007

They make coats out of these things?...

Check out what we saw on the way to the cookout today:

A MINK! (This isn't an actual picture of the mink I saw, and not to cheat the guy out of his photograph, I found it here.) I was so excited! But, I was driving and it was hippity-hopping across the grassy clearing so quickly. If I hadn't gotten a better look at it, I would have assumed it was a muskrat or maybe even a cat. But it was mostly the mink's canter that gave it away. We've had ferrets, and the way a weasel moves is pretty unique.

I was kind of surprised, previously assuming mink are all glossy and black. This one was fluffy and brown, just as in the picture. I knew mink lived around here, but in all my years in this farm and country state, I'd never seen one before.


Sara said...

wow - a wild mink sounds cool. My family has had unfortunate experience with farmed mink that were released by eco-terrorists - they invaded the whole area and killed A LOT of our chickens before hissing and spitting in my mom's face and scaring the bejeezus out of us all... That didn't make us love them. But I like the idea of them off living their own lives.

Heather said...

I have a friend with chickens, and he's had mink dig under the fence and burrow under the henhouse, killing the chickens and storing them in its burrow for later. They can be real pests, and it's too bad your family had such a bad experience because of some crazies.