Monday, July 30, 2007

Measels make you bumpy, and mumps'll make you lumpy...

That bitch. All this talk about immunity, and my kids are covered in poison ivy. Covered. Chad is completely red from his toes to just above the knees. Cadence has it from head to toe, on her forehead even. I still appear to be immune, since all the itchy insect bites I keep unconsciously scratching have remained only insect bites.. even after several half-hour sessions each day of applying a baking soda paste to miles and miles of the stuff.

We had a long talk about scratching. The kids are washing with dish detergent. I was thinking since it dries the skin so well, it would help. Just an idea, but it can't hurt them. I've considered a salt soak, but I'm afraid it will sting. Wait it out. Just don't scratch.

Riley doesn't have poison ivy, despite having the same contact with the plants as her siblings. She's suffering from some other weird and scary symptoms that will take us to the doctor tomorrow.

There's this gland in her neck that's swollen. I mean it pops right out, you can see it. It's only on one side, and she says it hurts to the touch. No fever, but on her way to bed tonight, she said her body hurt. I pulled off a tick that was embedded in the middle of her back tonight (weird, and just.. eww), and she has a strange sore on her scalp. The sore could easily be an insect bite she scratched open, but we also found some weirdo bug in the girls' room. Ever seen a grub? Its body was like that, all white and squashy and fat and gross-looking. Only round like a marble, not long like a worm. And it had little red legs and a little red head, which also reminded me of a tick. Only bigger, like a June bug in May. Chad killed the thing before I got a good look at it, so I have no idea what it is. She's also Completely Covered In Mosquito Bites.

So now I'm worrying that it's Lyme disease or some kind of lymphoma or an allergic reaction to all the bites or any number of horrible things that could be wrong with my kid. I'm worrying that I'll end up in the hospital with Chad and Cadence getting cortisone shots. I can't sleep from checking on them.

And my husband says my "job" is easy.


Christine said...

Yikes!! Oatmeal baths help with drying too, and an antihistamine (WalMart has a generic Claritin - loratadine - which is real cheap).
They can give oral steroids, might not be bad to check with the Dr. Hope everyone is feeling a bit better soon.

Bugs gross me out, and that one you describe...ewww.

Heather said...

You mean.. just dump some oatmeal in the tub? Or are you talking about the powdered Aveeno packet things? I always wondered if their oatmeal was somehow different than the round box in my cupboard.

Ami said...

I would definitely check with a doctor about the swollen gland/tick. The two may be related.

I'm so sorry about the allergic reaction. How horrible! The poor kids.

Katherine said...

Fill an old sock with oatmeal and tie a knot in the top. Throw that in the tub. It makes a wonderfully soothing milk. Do not put oatmeal straight in the tub. Horrid mess, that. If you get a bowl of steaming hot water and let the children dip wash cloth corners in it, then dab the steaminess on their rash - it helps. The heat is like scratching but good for healing the rash.

((((())))) hugs. ugh! That sucks. Also, that bug sounds like a super fat tick like we get down here.

Kate in NJ said...

I hope all turns out well for your little one...poisin ivy stinks!!
I'm terribly allergic to it now..never was when I was younger.