Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I just got myself a new Canon PowerShot A560. That name might mean a lot or a little to you. To me it means I can now take pictures of our daily life, our learning and who knows what else. I can print pictures of projects right on the pages of detail for our portfolios. I can email pictures to family members. Most importantly, I can know exactly what my picture looks like the second I take it. How cool is that? And I can add some awesome pictures to my boring blog to make it slightly less boring. I'm so excited!

I went a bit overboard today, so the pictures I have to share are silly and unrelated, but hey - I needed to test out the camera right?

This is Cadence happily plugging away at her math workbook. I don't understand it; I've always found workbooks dry and boring. She loves them.

This is the painting in my bedroom. (Yes, that gosh-awful pinkish paint is my bedroom wall.) I'm taking offers if anyone's interested. It's a Christian-symbolic painting by Somebody Jensen (I think). I hate it, but keep it because it fills that empty wall. And it's ... you know.. interesting.

This is the shower wall in my bathroom. Vic tiled it with some leftovers from tile jobs he did a few years ago. The floor is pretty cool too, but it was way too dirty for pictures today.

Hopefully I can find way more interesting things to take pictures of. But I had to test the camera right? Yeah, that's it. This is a test. I had a lot of fun playing with it. I'm really looking forward to all the great stuff I can do now that I've moved into the world of technology.


kitten_mc said...

congratulations! I wish I could get me one soon. But I'm so happy for ya! I'll probably do the same. I did like all your pics.

RegularMom said...

Congrats on the new camera...and don't worry about taking "boring" pictures. I've recently posted pictures of pb&j sandwiches and a sinkful of dirty dishes. Btw, I've a workbook lover at my house too. :)