Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A walk in the park...

Today we took advantage of the fabulous weather with a walk in the park near our house.
Walk in the park 001

It's a state park, which means a lot of trees and no playground equipment. My kids never miss the slides and swings because there's a gob of way more interesting stuff down there. Thick woods around a creek. What more could a kid ask for?
Walk in the park 014

While wandering the woods, we found a tree awesomely chewed to pieces by a beaver:
Walk in the park 006

And the beaver's equally awesome home:
Walk in the park 011

We passed a dead and mostly eaten up dog on the way to the creek, but I'll spare you the pictures of that thing. It wasn't pretty. The people-beaten path leads to a sand bar under this very cool old train bridge:Walk in the park 018

Chad got busy building a dam, one of his favorite things to do with water:
Walk in the park 028

Cadence hunted for frogs:

Riley played in the mud:
Walk in the park 027

After we got good and dirty, we trudge up this treacherous incline to the top of the train bridge:
..and went across.

I was having flashbacks of Stand By Me and made the kids hurry across for no reason. We've lived here 7 years and I know perfectly well the only trains that run on this track come through at about 2am. That's paranoia for you. On the other side of the creek, Cadence caught her much-coveted frog and I got some great pictures of the water..
Walk in the park 023

..along with some other pretty silly things to take pictures of. Grass? What kind of weirdo takes pictures of grass? Uhh, that would be me.
Walk in the park 033

It was a great way to spend the afternoon. We're all waiting for slightly warmer weather that will enable us to wade the creek. The bottoms is covered with mussel shells, sparkly rocks, and all kinds of other treasures.


Mama B said...

Awesome! Great pictures! I'm looking forward to being able to do some of those types of things this summer.

And if you find tadpoles can you let me know where? I've not seen any when I've looked. I'm hoping to check out the park near us soon.

Heather said...

No tadpoles yet, but we did get some frog eggs ("Spring peepers," whatever those are) from my friend's pond. We'll be heading back tomorrow or Saturday for some more and will probably end up with a whole aquarium full of them. I'm willing to share, either the eggs or some of the tadpoles that hatch if you're interested?