Saturday, June 17, 2006

What to call the children?...

On the internet I mean. I am seriously tiring of referring to my kids as "my son," "my oldest daughter," and "my youngest daughter." A lot of people use just one letter to identify their kids, but since my oldest two have the same initials, that's not gonna work for me. Some people have silly made-up names for their kids, which was a pretty tempting idea for me until I remembered how difficult it was to give them real names in the first place. If this name is something they will be called from here on out, until who knows when.. well, that's a lot of pressure. What if I hate it later?

Anonymity is really not that important to me. I'm not really worried about stalkers. My fear of using real names and pictures stems from something else entirely. I know lots of people with internet access that I would rather not find this blog, or at least realize it's actually me who writes it. Evil people I may run into in the grocery store or at a family event. Demons, even.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? (All two of you faithful readers lol) I'm about ready to say screw the enemies and just use their real names anyway.

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Deanna said...

I use our real names. I may try to avoid it somewhat on busy forums, but I am not fanatical about it. I figure if my enemies are wasting that much time looking for information on me and my kids, then if they read something that is objectionable to them, they sorta deserve that :-) Plus I am trying to live an authentic life, who I present to you is who I present to other people, and as true as who I present to myself, if that makes sense. So if someone stumbles on my blog, and stumbles on posts I make on forums and comes to the conclusion that I am rather liberal-minded, nonreligious, opinionated, that I cosleep with my 2 year old, etc., etc., etc., well then that isn't really any information that they wouldn't get just by asking me. Enemy or not :-)