Thursday, August 11, 2005

Frustrated With the Schools...

Why am I doing this again?

I called the schools today to inform them I was dual enrolling two children this year and would need to pick up the books and other stuff ASAP. In this district, kids go to one elementary school through 3rd grade, and another for 4th and 5th, then middle school. My son is in 4th grade this year, and my daughter in kindergarten, so that means I have to pick up materials from two different schools this time. Apparently, I am some kind of criminal, either for the High Crimes of Homeschooling or just for theft.

Me: I need to pick up some kindergarten materials for my daughter.

Bitchy Secretary: Well, the teachers won't be here until next week, so you will have to call back then and make arrangements.

Me: The books aren't there yet? School starts in less than two weeks.

Bitchy Secretary: Oh, the books are here, but we can't just let you go rummaging through the classrooms unless the teachers are here.

Me: Can't someone from the office go and gather the materials for me? I can pick them up from the office any time this week.

Bitchy Secretary: I'm sorry, you'll have to talk to a teacher about what books you're allowed to have.

UGH. So I guess I'll have to wait until next week when the teachers are there to supervise me. Such a shame you can't trust anyone these days.

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