Friday, July 18, 2008

A good reason to beat up a kid...

Via Daryl: We have to protect our school children from The Gays, so we refuse to protect Those Gay Kids from being bullied. You know, for the children.

This really doesn't make any sense to me. I think they're going at this backwards. Instead of adding more details to the bullying and harassment laws, why don't they remove them all? Is bullying and harassment ever okay? For any reason? Listing specific reasons someone may not be harassed or physically abused only suggests that there are reasons not specified where bullying is acceptable. I see this being a perpetual problem in the future. Will the inclusion of tattoos and piercings be proposed next? How about "unnatural hair colors"? Will we someday have to include "artificial body parts" to the harassment laws? And what about the details of the harassment itself? Right now, it probably says something like "physical or verbal assault or threats, in person or through mail, email, phone, text, or website forum." Must we change the laws every time a new form of communication is invented?

We cannot possibly stay on top at the legal level of all the reasons a person can be harassed or bullied, nor can we keep up with the ways in which they're harassed and bullied. Wouldn't it be easier just to say "ANY form of harassment or bullying in ANY way for ANY reason is illegal"?? The bigots conservatives insist that they don't advocate hurting a child, but that the inclusion of such terms as "sexual orientation" will open the door for gays to have equal rights more gay propaganda. Eliminating all specifics in the law seems to me to serve both the fears of the paranoid bigots concerns of the conservatives, and kids who are subjected to bullying.

Sometimes, simpler is better.


MOM #1 said...

I agree. Simple is better. Except when referring to the simple-minded idiots who just REFUSE to get it, but that's another post.

Very true and cleverly written to boot. Great post!

Ami said...

But see, you don't understand.

The gays are trying to take over the world. They're recruiting IN OUR SCHOOLS, because everyone knows that being gay is a CHOICE, right?

They're going to crash our social security system, too.

All of the above (and more that I won't list here) came from a 'Christian' person of my acquaintance.

Where does one even start to explain to a person like that?

How sad that the legislature was bullied into dropping this bill.


christine said...

That was my thought exactly - there's never a good reason to allow bullying. What if a kid is just a geek and gets bullied? Is it okay because he's not in a protected class? Just what is wrong with being respectful to everyone? It just kills me that so many "Christians" can be so awful to other people, obviously not following the teachings of the founder of their religion.

Anonymous said...

I should tell my navy story.

Great post!

dawn said...

How true. It astounds me the way some adults work at these laws. It is ridiculous. The golden rule doesn't say, "Treat others how you want to be treated, unless they are a different colour or have a nose ring". Crazy.