Thursday, October 25, 2007

Redneck Euphemism #135...

"You can't polish a turd."

This means no matter how much you try, it's not getting any better. Most of the time, this refers to someone else's crap (no pun intended), or them personally, and is derogatory in nature. However, I use this phrase often when cleaning my house. That carpet might be vacuumed and free of clutter, but it's still stained and looks like hell. No matter how clean the windows, they still look out onto our yard, yet to recover completely from years of garbage storage with the previous tenants. No matter how much mowing and weed-whacking and flowers planted, the house in the center is missing siding and falling apart. No matter what I fill it with, or how clean it is, this place is still kind of a dump.

Sounds sort of cynical and pessimistic, but it's not. For me, this is a humorous way to appreciate what I have. Nope, it's not perfect. But I can't expect it to be. After all, you can't polish a turd. And that's ok. This turd is my home :)


Ami said...

I'm giggling here.

I think it was Stephen King who wrote in one of his books that a frosted dog turd is still not a wedding cake.

I live in a picturesque hovel myself.


dawn said...

I have not heard that one before, but it is so true and funny. It is great to have a way to look at one's reality and feel content. I like what ami wrote also. We don't have a mansion, and sometimes it feels like spinning wheels here too.

Sara said...

Oh, gosh, I feel like I'm really struggling to put that polish on. This sort of attitude would be so much healthier.

Fourmother said...

ROTFLOL!!! I call my place the half-way house because everything is half broken down and half fixed up.

BTW, you're now a Wonder Woman because I've tagged you for another meme. Ignore if you want. You'll still be a Wonder.