Monday, October 30, 2006

Really missing that digital camera tonight...

I'd love to post pictures of the kids in their cute costumes for Trick or Treating, but alas, I still have no digital camera. It's possible I can scan the actual photographs when I get them developed, but that's just not the same thing. I'm so desperate, I'm considering getting one of those Fisher Price kid's cameras. Those are even a bit too expesive to justify right now. Until that fateful day, I'll just have to tell you about it.

Chad went as a wizard. He already had a cape and staff, so last night I bought some black poster board to make a hat, glitter glue to decorate, and a 3ft gray wig. Sometime this morning I got a brilliant idea to cut 1ft from the wig to make a beard. I used a small piece of fabric with ties, and hot-glued the hair all over it. Made quite a mess, but it turned out nicely.

Cadence was a tooth fairy, not just a fairy but a tooth fairy. I cut two tooth-shaped pieces of white poster board and stapled them to either side of a dress-up purse she already had, then wrote "Tooth Pouch" in glitter and lots of pretty sparkly decorations all over it. She already had fairy wings and a crown she just got as a birthday gift, and she wore a purple sundress over her purple sweatsuit which pulled the whole thing together well.

Riley was a ballerina in one of my old dance costumes. The one she picked was the costume I wore my first year of dance when I was four, so it fit perfectly. Pink leotard with lots of gold sequins and a frilly pink tutu. She wore long johns underneath, the legs covered in tights. She was about the cutest thing on the planet, if I do say so myself.

Unfortunately, it was a disastrous night with huge wind gusts and rapidly dropping temperatures. (Welcome to Iowa, hope you have air conditioning and arctic outerwear, just in case.) We froze our butts off for the first few minutes before deciding to keep the car running and driving along the road as they went from house to house. Vic and I took turns escorting them, and the kids took warm-up breaks in the car often. Riley probably only went to every other house. They had a fantastic time though, which was the point.

On the way home, Riley's sleepy voice came from the back seat, "That was fun, Mama. Let's do that again sometime."


Anonymous said...

We just froze our butts off! We were prepared for chilly not arctic! The boys still managed a nice (small) haul. I think they lucked out at a couple house as they were told "Take a handful - really!" The treaters were getting as cold as the kids! No pictures at our house either as I forgot the camera. I may do a re-enactment this week sometime. HA HA!

Lynanne said...

What a great idea to be a tooth fairy! Thank goodness we didn't have the wind. The freezing temps were bade enough. Who would have thought it was so much warmer the day before? Welcome to the Midwest, I guess.

Deanna said...

don't get that fisher price camera. YOu can get one with better resolution for that price or less. Check ebay for a nice used one - you should be able to get a used 1 or 2 megapixel camera for way cheap. Heck, even this - has better resolution than that fisher price camera :-) And then there is this one: Just make sure it comes with a memory card or that is an extra expense.

ANYWAY, lol. Loved hearing about your halloween! Meredith was also a ballerina. We've done the drive from door to door thing too...when we lived in SE CO, we had a HUGE blizzard hit a few days before Halloween. Did that stop us? Nope...but we also had the car running with kids loading up to reheat before we drove the few feet to the next house :-)